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Open Doors Screenings

From 2019 to 2021, the Open Doors Screenings section explores the diverse filmmaking of South East Asia and Mongolia. In 2020, it presents a curated selection of feature and short films from Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.  

The section that, between 2019 and 2021, is introducing the filmmaking communities of Southeast Asia and Mongolia to Locarno audiences and professionals is staying true to its mission: Open Doors Screenings offers a sizable line-up of shorts and feature films, unveiled in July. This year, the focus is on films coming from Myanmar, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia.

Open Doors sets out to promote new, young talents, particularly those who are active in the short film realm and its various incarnations, as well as surveying or rediscovering the early works of directors from the region who have subsequently made a name for themselves on the international circuit, not least thanks to the support of the Locarno Film Festival.

The films in the Open Doors Screenings line-up are part of the Locarno 2020 – For the Future of Films initiative. They stand alongside the other activities of Open Doors, the Locarno Pro initiative that, in the year of the global health crisis, remains active online thanks to the priceless support of European and international Partners and the cooperation with local festivals and organizations, offering concrete support to independent filmmaking from the concerned region.

Open Doors is made possible by the collaboration of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), which joins with the Locarno Film Festival in supporting filmmakers from the Global South and East involved in the event’s various programs. 



Open Doors Hub Awards

50,000 CHF – Award financed by the Open Doors initiative in collaboration with the Municipality of Bellinzona and the Swiss production support fund Visions Sud Est, funded by the SDC.

CNC Prize
8,000 EUR – A contribution for development.

ARTE International Open Doors Prize
6,000 EUR – A contribution for development.

Jury Cinema&Gioventù

In 2020, for the first time in the history of Open Doors Screenings, the Cinema&Gioventù jury will be entrusted with the task of assigning two important awards to the feature films and short filmsin the section. The jury, consisting of Isabella Corsini, Ludovico Romagnoli, Sara Luna Mobiglia, Malika Brigadoi, Ludovic Solioz, Manuel Gobet, Neva Kammeramann, Lydia Cuda and Zoé Lötscher, will give the award for the best short film, worth CHF 1,500, and the Environment is quality of life prize for the best feature film, worth CHF 2,000.

The jury consists of selected participants in the Cinema&Gioventù initiative, organized by Castellinaria – Festival del cinema giovane on behalf of the Dipartimento dell’educazione, della cultura e dello sport (DECS), with the support of Canton Ticino’s Dipartimento del Territorio (DT) for the Environment is quality of life prize.

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