la Mobiliare, Main partner of the Locarno Film Festival since 2017

«Closer to Life» – Solidarity with independent Swiss cinemas

At this year's Locarno Film Festival everything is different - yet some things are the same. For four years now la Mobiliare Cooperative and the Locarno Film Festival have been gradually expanding their partnership. After the changes occurred to the physical festival due to the Covid-19 pandemic, la Mobiliare Cooperative and that la Mobiliare.e Locarno Film Festival support the independent Swiss cinema with the special solidarity project "Closer to Life". A support for everyone.

Thanks to their mutual commitment, the Locarno Film Festival and la Mobiliare are launching Closer to Life, a national joint solidarity initiative in favour of independent cinemas. The initiative, which will involve films, cinemas and public, will have its own dedicated website, which will be inaugurated on August 3, on the occasion of the official presentation of the project.

«Culture is not a luxury»

With the joint project, la Mobiliare is not only reinforcing its partnership with the Locarno Film Festival, but also expressing its conviction that filmmaking and art are important and necessary, especially in difficult times. «Culture is not a luxury», says Dorothea Strauss, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at la Mobiliare. "In fact, it can give us important stimuli and food for thought at particularly challenging moments. The fact that art and culture can open up new worlds for us, while also aiding our orientation in the here and now, is one of the reasons why la Mobiliare consistently uses art as a method in the context of its wide-ranging corporate social responsibility."

Locarno Kids la Mobiliare

La Mobiliare is further enhancing its commitment as a Main partner of the Locarno Film Festival with Locarno Kids la Mobiliare. The HomeMade Movies project encourages children and youths to let their creativity run free and make their own animated films on the subject of ecology. These young directors can also pick up some tips and tricks from pros on the festival website. In the competition, films will then be selected for inclusion in the official 2021 festival programme.