Swisscom, Main partner of the Locarno Film Festival since 1997

Swisscom brings the Locarno Film Festival into the home

This will mark the 24th consecutive year for Swisscom as one of the main partner of the Locarno Film Festival. In such an unusual year, this support is more important than ever. Which is why Swisscom is ensuring that the Locarno Film Festival will still go ahead in 2020, but from the living room.

This year, because of the corona situation, the Locarno Film Festival is going online. The official theme of the 2020 festival is ‘For the Future of Films’ and Swisscom is taking a range of measures to support this: Festival president Marco Solari will be a guest on the programme ‘Persönlich’ on the Teleclub Zoom channel, and further special programmes are planned. Classics from previous festival years will be available to watch on Swisscom TV via video on demand, and Swisscom will also stage special films from the festival’s history on other platforms such as and social media. The aim is to keep the spirit of Locarno alive – not only on Piazza Grande, but also on TV and smartphones. And that’s important, because quality content and the creative arts need a platform.

Swisscom is committed to supporting a diverse Swiss film industry across all channels – from cinema to television. Teleclub has long played an important role in funding new films. Swisscom would also like to give films the exposure they deserve on other platforms, such as Swisscom TV, or through partnerships with the Locarno Film Festival and Solothurn Film Festival.



Zoom Persönlich - 5.8.2020

Zoom Mania Special - 5.8.2020

SC-TV folder - 5.–15.8.2020