Pardo alla Carriera

Since 2010, the Locarno Film Festival's Pardo alla carriera pays tribute to one or more personalities whose artistic contributions have redefined cinema and the collective imagination. In addition to the Awards ceremony on the Piazza Grande, the tribute also comprises a conversation with the audience and a small retrospective.

Pardo alla carriera 2021 to Dante Spinotti

Dante Spinotti is a master of light and a figurehead of Italian excellence: in effect, an auteur DP. After working with directors such as Sergio Citti and Aldo Lado, Salvatore Samperi and Liliana Cavani, Spinotti went to Hollywood, where his collaboration with Michael Mann rewrote the aesthetic codes of contemporary noir and other genres besides, in some of the most admired U.S. films of recent decades. As artist and craftsman, Spinotti experimented unstintingly, working between the States and Italy with directors as diverse as Sam Raimi or Ermanno Olmi, Giuseppe Tornatore or Barbra Streisand. Equally at ease with intimate psychological reality or the world of fantasy, he also impressed his distinctive style on superhero movies. Celebrating Dante Spinotti means paying homage to a huge talent of cinematography, to an artist who changed our way of perceiving moving pictures on the big screen. Without Dante Spinotti’s immense contribution, the cinema would be poorer and less beautiful. To celebrate Dante Spinotti is both a privilege and a joy.

Giona A. Nazzaro

Past winners
  • 2010 Francesco Rosi
  • 2011 Claude Goretta, Bruno Ganz and Claudia Cardinale
  • 2012 Johnnie To, Harry Belafonte, and Peter-Christian Fueter
  • 2013 Sergio Castellito
  • 2014 Victor Erice
  • 2015 Marlen Khutsiev and Bulle Ogier
  • 2016 Mario Adorf and Jane Birkin
  • 2017 Jean-Marie Straub
  • 2019 Fredi M. Murer