Vision Award Ticinomoda

The Vision Award Ticinomoda both highlights and pays tribute to someone whose creative work behind the scenes, as well as in their own right, has contributed to opening up new perspectives in film.
Following the award to special effects maestro Douglas Trumbull in 2013, the 67th edition of the Festival paid tribute to Garrett Brown, creator of the Steadicam® and in 2015 the prize went to Walter Murch, the triple Oscar winning editor and sound designer. In 2016, the Festival has awarded the great Canadian composer and conductor Howard Shore, in 2017 to the Spanish Director of Photography José Luis Alcaine while in 2018 the award was given to the American graphic designer Kyle Cooper.

Vision Award Ticinomoda 2019 to Claire Atherton

When one thinks of the art of editing, it is often linked to the idea of cinema being life without its dead ends. Yet, choosing a cut for each shot has to do with something else, with the relationship one wishes to establish with the spectator. It is within this dynamic, that the work carried out by Claire Atherton – outside and within Chantal Akerman's filmography – is of seminal importance for contemporary cinema: it has given birth to a sequence of films in which the perception of passing time becomes fundamental within the aesthetic (and ethical) architecture of work.

It is not surprising that Claire Atherton, born in San Francisco but now living in Paris, started from her fascination with Taoist philosophy and the study of Chinese ideograms, and then gradually approached editing, beginning her three decade collaboration with Chantal Akerman thanks to Letters Home (1986). From that moment, they both carried on a partnership capable of ranging from documentary cinema to fiction, but above all, of intercepting contemporary art, working on new projects (or editing old films anew), giving birth to a new perception of moving images. In this line of research and continuous experimentation, on which all of the editor's choices are based, has supported the rigorous viewpoints of authors beyond canons, such as Éric Baudelaire, Emmanuelle Demoris, Elsa Quinette, Noëlle Pujol and Andreas Bolm. Without any concerns about making meanings emerge, Claire Atherton's art has illuminated cinematographic time with a new sense.

Daniela Persico

Past winners
  • 2013 Douglas Trumbull
  • 2014 Garrett Brown
  • 2015 Walter Murch
  • 2016 Howard Shore
  • 2017 José Luis Alcaine
  • 2018 Kyle Cooper
  • 2019 Claire Atherton