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France, Germany, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina

Murphy, a cowboy in his fifties, arrives at a ghost town searching for his daughter, who was carried off by a mercenary named Randall. The year is 1870. The place is the border between the present-day United States and Mexico. Randall is a wanted man, in love with a young girl named Molly. The three of them meet up in a town awash in whisky, where Native Americans, Mexicans, Whites and Mestizos indulge in a lawless night of unbridled debauchery. The riotous excess has been raging for several days. Murphy will do whatever it takes to rescue his young daughter. He doesn’t care how many heads roll.

Debonna Lone Hill finishes getting dressed and turns off the television, uninterested in Murphy and his daughter Molly. It is 2019, during a particularly harsh winter in South Dakota, and Debonna is about to spend her last night as a police officer on the Pine Ridge Native American Reservation. As she goes on her nightly rounds, she encounters many of her fellow Native Americans in abysmal situations. The Lakota natives have lost some of their traditional values, and no longer possess the fortitude that was the creative force of their culture. Debonna visits several trailer homes, where the people on the reservation eke out an existence, many of them stupefied by alcohol, drugs and unemployment. They all know that their prospects for the future are dismal. They know that they are an endangered people and that they can only rely on their own resources to reinvent themselves. It is no easy task.

After a long night, Debonna decides to visit her grandfather, the chief shaman. He gives her the tools to take a profound journey, far from her body, a voyage in time and space to the Amazon rainforests. There she visits an indigenous tribe whose culture is intact, who have preserved their ancestral rites and customs, a tribe whose history has not been written. As she undertakes her migratory voyage, Eureka heads to the south of the continent. The Lakotas continue their struggles in the north.

Eureka travels through time and space to the heart of the Amazon jungle, over the border between Peru and Brazil. The year is 1970. The day dawns peacefully as the tribal chief rises and goes to greet his people. The men and women gather in a circle, murmuring among themselves. Iracema, a beautiful young woman, tells the other indigenous peoples about the dream she had the night before. Iracema closes her eyes and relates the following story:

..Then the river started talking to us. I couldn’t understand it but I knew very well what it wanted to say to me. It was telling us to leave. That it was going to wash everything away. So we started running and then we hid inside a big tree. A gigantic tree... We climbed up the trunk of the tree until we reached the top. From that height we could see how the voice of the river was rising. It was going to reach the top of the tree and we couldn’t do anything to stop it.

After listening to Iracema’s words, Jikan y Ubirajara, two men in the tribe, open their eyes and realize that they are both in love with the same woman. They will fight each other to determine who will possess her. Only one man survives the duel. Ubirajara defeats Jikan and wins the young woman’s love. They have children and everything goes along fine until the day when, out of the blue, Ubirajara leaves, abandoning the tribe and his pregnant wife. He goes deep into the jungle, growing feverish and with gold tied around his neck, in the midst of an illegal camp of garimpeiros (gold prospectors). Eureka is witness to everything that happens.

She has the task of reminding him, through words, of his history, and she gives him back the compass that will guide him into a world that we should all discover.

The production


Luxbox is a Paris-based company, dedicated to international sales and co-production of a small but passionate group of world cinema directors such as Lisandro Alonso, Bruno Dumont, Benjamin Naishtat, Mohammed Ben Attia or Marcell Martinessi to name few.


4L is Lisandro Alonso’s production company, launched in Buenos Aires in 2004. He produced his last four films as well as Constanza Novick debut feature El Futuro Que Viene in 2017. 4L is the production arm of one of the most accredited voices of Latin American cinema.


Komplizen Film focuses on the development of feature films, high-end series and international co-productions. We work with filmmakers known for their distinctive style and believe in telling local stories for an international audience.


Rosa Filmes, based in Lisbon, is a platform for filmmakers who confront different walks of life to generate new forms of cinema.


Woo Films is a Mexican company, and has produced twelve feature films which have been screened at different festivals around the world. Woo Films has been placed in the top 10 of the national box office for five consecutive years (from 2013 to 2016). For TV it has produced the Netflix series The House of Flowers (2018).




Lisandro Alonso


Fiorella Moretti, Hédi Zardi

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