I Come From Ikotun

The Films After Tomorrow: International

France, China

Four years ago, Kingsley arrived from Nigeria in Guangzhou, China and shared a small room with other Africans in the basement of a commercial building. He converted this modest space into a barber’s shop. Kingsley is keen to start an import and export company and to register it officially in Guangzhou. He works every day until 11 pm then goes to sleep in a chair at McDonald’s. He must also send money to his wife, so despite all his efforts, he is still unable to put aside enough money to register his business. In mid-November 2019, he goes back to Lagos to renew his visa. There, he and his wife rent a small stall in the Ikotun Market in the suburbs. But business is hard. Early in 2020, Kingsley is due to head back to China to continue his quest, but with all travel blocked by the Covid-19 epidemic, he remains stuck in Nigeria. Meanwhile, in Guangzhou, the director meets Evelyn, a Nigerian woman, trying to survive with her 6-year-old daughter and with another one on the way.

The production


Whether producing for the cinema or television, documentaries or fictional films, Idéale Audience — founded in 1990 by Pierre-Olivier Bardet and Hélène Le Cœur — considers each new production as a film in its own right, unique, original, irrespective of format. The Idéale Audience philosophy is like that of a small publishing house, with strong, long-term ties with the film directors of the works it produces. Johan van der Keuken, Frederick Wiseman, Aleksandr Sokurov, Frédéric Mitterrand, Bruno Monsaingeon, Benoît Jacquot, Gérald Caillat, Daniel Rosenfeld, Silvina Landsmann, Wang Bing, Albert Serra are among our regular partners.






Hélène Le Coeur, Pierre-Olivier Bardet


Lihong Kong

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WANG Bing presents I Come From Ikotun

WANG Bing presents I Come From Ikotun