Cidade; Campo

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Two tales of migration. In the first, after a tailings dam disaster floods her hometown, rural worker Joana (55) moves to São Paulo to find her sister Tania, who lives with her grandson Jaime. Joana enters the universe of insecurity, replying to an application for house cleaning. She bonds with her colleagues, and their struggle for better conditions gives Joana’s life a new meaning. Her relationship with young Jaime brings back old memories. In the second part, after the death of her estranged father, Flavia (32) moves to her farm with her wife Mara. The couple suffer a shock of reality when facing the harshness of rural life. The contact with the abandoned house reveals to Flavia unknown aspects of her father. She begins to suspect that there is something supernatural in the woods.

The production


Dezenove Som e Imagens was founded in 1991 by filmmaker Carlos Reichenbach and producer Sara Silveira in partnership with producer Maria Ionescu, with the goal of producing independent short and feature films for the national and international markets. Since then, the company has produced some of the most memorable Brazilian films. As producer or coproducer, with Brazilian or foreign partners, Dezenove has been presenting its films around the world for the past 28 years.




Juliana Rojas


Sara Silveira

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14 | 08 | 2020

Cinema&Gioventù - The Jury's Verdict
Juliana Rojas presents Cidade;Campo

Juliana Rojas presents Cidade;Campo