Nowhere Near

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Philippines, Mexico, USA

Nowhere Near is a poetic memoir exploring stateless identity through the lens of an exile returning to an estranged homeland. The film begins with an investigation into my family curse – a curse that followed us for generations, rooted in the soil of my grandmother’s coastal province of Pangasinan. My ancestors had once ruled the land they inherited from Spanish colonizers. It is a land still bearing the remnants of colonial violence – first by Spain, then America, then between ourelves. This wandering psychogeographical journey encapsulates the seeming impossibility of returning home. I am making this film because through the transformative process of filmmaking. I believe I can lift the curse from my family and bridge our disconnection through borders.

The production


Based in Manila, Los Otros is a critically-acclaimed studio dedicated to supporting films with unique personal voices. It has produced the films of John Torres and Shireen Seno, including Todo todo teros (2006), Years When I Was A Child Outside (2008), Big Boy (2012), Lukas the Strange (2013), People Power Bombshell (2016), and Nervous Translation (2018). Los Otros has won prizes at Rotterdam, Vancouver, Singapore, Shanghai, Bangkok, Lima Independiente, Olhar de Cinema, Vladivostok and Jogja-NETPAC.




Miko Revereza


Shireen Seno


Los Otros


Cine Droga

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Miko Revereza presents Nowhere Near

Miko Revereza presents Nowhere Near