Far West

The Films After Tomorrow: National

Switzerland, Portugal, Italy

In Cape Verde, in a very isolated fishing village long cut off from the world, a man survives from day to day by eating shells that he fishes with flintstones along the rocky coast, a dangerous and difficult activity. Hustled by the swell of the ocean and bathed in the mist of the sea spray, he fishes with a childhood friend, a woman who fears nothing.

They both live in precarious conditions. They struggle to get by and hope their situation will improve thanks to the tourism development that is underway. They are looking for a way to benefit from the influx of tourists who are coming to their village in ever increasing numbers to trek and fish for blue marlin, the "cheetah of the seas".

The production


Le Laboratoire Central is a production company dedicated to the development and production of independent and ambitious films that explore the personal universe of their makers. Created in 2003 with the desire to consider production as a tool at the service of the artistic process, Le Laboratoire Central brings together the skills of Nadejda Magnenat, producer, François Bovy and Pierre-François Sauter, both directors.




Pierre-François Sauter


Nadejda Magnenat


João Matos, Luciano Barisone, Luca Scarabelli

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Pierre-François Sauter presents Far West