Ein Stück Himmel

(A Piece of Sky)

The Films After Tomorrow: National

Switzerland, Germany

Anna and Marco meet in a remote mountain village. Shortly after their wedding, Marco is diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour. Increasingly he loses the ability to control his impulses.

While the effects at the beginning seem harmless and even have a liberating effect on Marco ́s perception, the illness soon turns out to be a great challenge for everyone involved. Anna is confronted with the impact of a personality change that takes the form of violence and unrestrained sexuality against her and her social environment.

In spite of the serious incidents and the social isolation in which Anna finds herself, in the end she is able to reach out to Marco. She manages to preserve a love that eclipses even death.

The production


hugofilm features was founded in 1999. Their first film was Vitus (2006) by Fredi Murer, which was shortlisted for the 2007 Academy Award. Since then, hugofilm features has produced a variety of films including Pepperminta (2009) by video artist Pipilotti Rist, selected at the Venice Film Festival and at Sundance Film Festival, War (2014) by Simon Jaquemet, winner of Max Ophüls Award, and Tobias Nölle’s Aloys (2016), presented in 66th Berlinale Panorama and winner of the FIPRESCI Prize. Currently, hugofilm features is producing A Piece of Sky by Michael Koch, Jill by Steven Hayes and Tristan Forever, a docufiction by Tobias Nölle.

The production company Pandora Film Produktion, formed by producers Claudia Steffen and Christoph Friedel, was founded in 1997 as a production division based in Cologne, Germany. The courage to also produce unusual film projects has been rewarded during the last 20 years with numerous awards from major film festivals. The company’s goal has been to work continuously with directors who develop their own cinematic language. Today Pandora Film Produktion presents itself as an independent production company with a catalogue of over 120 films.




Michael Koch


Christof Neracher


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Pandora Film Produktion

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