L'Afrique des femmes

The Films After Tomorrow: National

Switzerland, Ivory Coast

A trip that will take us to 7 African countries (Ghana, Senegal, Rwanda, Mozambique, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Burundi) to meet powerful women determined to do everything possible to offer a better future to the African people. These women will explain how they think they are working to save the continent, which must resolutely embrace integration into the world economy because the years of totalitarian male rule in Africa have been catastrophic. A film that will make us understand that the future of Africa belongs to women.

The production


Amka Films Productions is active in the film and television production of feature films and documentaries. Founded in 1987 by Tiziana Soudani (1955-2020) and Mohammed Soudani, director of Waalo Fendo - Where the Earth Freezes (1997), Swiss Film Award 1998 as Best Film, it became a public limited company in 1988. Among many others, Amka Films produced the box-office hit Bread and Tulips (2000), the award-winning Happy as Lazzaro (2018), and the recent Bad Tales (2020).


Headed since 1995 by Djira Youssouf, president and CEO, (Bongouanou, Ivory Coast, 1958), Nikady’s Production, which specializes in audiovisual production, communication and events in Ivory Coast and the sub-region, co-produced Mohammed Soudani’s fiction film Lionel with Amka Films in 2010.




Mohammed Soudani


Tiziana Soudani, Michela Pini, Amel Soudani


Djira Youssouf


Amka Films Productions


RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera


Nikady's Production

Pro-human equality

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Mohammed Soudani presents L’Afrique des femmes

Mohammed Soudani presents L’Afrique des femmes