The Golden Rules of Locarno74

We are planning for all who attend to have a serene Festival.
How? With your help and these few, simple steps that will allow everyone to have a safe Festival.

1 Download the App

This year, the official App* will be essential: it will allow you to discover the program, book your screenings, and vote for the Prix du Public UBS. It will also allow journalists and professionals to organize their work in the most efficient way possible.

* available early July

2 Create Your Account

This will be your entry point for Locarno74, the key granting you access – via computer, tablet, or smartphone – to the program, your bookings, and the Festival universe.

3 Book Your Seat

To see a film in the cinema, you will have to book your seat in advance. This is mandatory, so we can track which screenings you attend if necessary (see point 6). How do you make a booking? On the Festival website or the App, either by paying for the ticket (regular viewers) or inserting your accreditation code or the code for your season ticket (accredited visitors or season ticket holders). Thus, with a simple click, you have your reservation. No booking, no entry.

4 Be on Time

Don’t show up at the last minute: be there early, with your booking in hand (to avoid queueing). This year, there will be no admissions after the screening has started.

5 Be Selfless

Can’t make it to the screening for whatever reason? This year, theaters will be at reduced capacity, so make sure to cancel your reservation and allow someone else to enjoy the movie.

6 Leave Your Details

For the sake of everyone’s health, the Festival will implement the authorities’ guidelines to guarantee safe spaces and the anonymous collection of data. We ask for your cooperation (we’ll let you know how in the weeks to come), so we can trace your movements.

7 Respect Health Measures

By now, they’re part of our everyday life, and from August 4-14, they will, naturally, be part of Locarno74. Before arriving in Locarno, check out the Covid measures that apply in Switzerland Read here.

8 Experience Locarno74!

If you can respect these golden rules, and maybe remind others if you notice them slipping, you’ll be able to experience Locarno74 safely and make sure others do as well. It’s the best solution for everyone, don’t you think? Thank you and enjoy the movies!