News  ·  01 | 04 | 2019

Tante immagini e una parola: grazie

Chiusa la 7. edizione de L'immagine e la parola

It's hard to imagine it like this, but easy to find the words - nay, the word - to put an end to it: thank you! Many heartfelt thanks to all, to all the people who, in the days when spring finally arrived with a blast, witnessed the encounters that between Friday and Sunday lit up the screens, inhabited the libraries and occupied the stage. The wonderful masterclasses by Béla Tarr and Jacopo Quadri were, in their own right, attended by 250 young people, on Saturday and Sunday morning. 

L’immagine e la parola 2019 closes the book on an edition filled with sunshine on the outside and images on the inside. It was a rich weekend of stories, on stage and screen. It was the seventh edition of the spring meeting point between languages. This time the topic was masters and disciples, and a true success.

It was the dilated or lost time of The Werckmeister Harmonies and The Turin Horse. It was a brother and sister stuck in a basement (Me and You) or tethered to jealousy (Mirai). It was the soft, rich voice 0f Béla Tarr, who can wax lyrical for hours about essential cinema, and the hands of Jacopo Quadri, a passionate manipulator of time. It was the hunger for discovery in a magical workshop for children. It was 35.000 films in a single dictionary over the course of twenty years, and people sitting on the floor to hear Paolo Mereghetti's musings on ten of those films. It was the words turned into verse through Mariangela Gualtieri's pen and voice. It was the international premiere of the indocile filmmaker Ana Shametaj.

Having closed the book on the seventh edition of L'immagine e la parola, she and her fourteen classmates have now opened a week of workshops in the mountains, amongst the solitude and desire of Locarno, alongside Béla Tarr. Fifteen disciples, with a Master that Locarno will not forget easily. 

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