Chiso Barsa

(A Year of Cold)

Film projects: Open Doors Hub

Nepal  ·  Color  ·  100'


A pregnant young Tibetan refugee, PEMA, is forced to find her missing Nepali husband, TASHI, for legal reasons as she is on the verge of being ousted from her husband’s family home. A monk, KARMA, her brother-in-law who becomes her de facto husband by local custom, accompanies her on a journey to the roof of the world, the Himalayas, to locate Tashi, who can authenticate their marriage and thus her citizenship. Their long voyage transforms their lives and brings them ‘awakening’. Together, they find the way out of ‘suffering’ to ‘liberation’ and Pema will come to realize the true value of love, family, home and survival.


Director‘s Note

In the pristine landscape of Nepal, beauty prevails - from the lush flat plains to the mountains rising till eternity. I can never get tired admiring the beauty of my hometown. However, beneath the serene beauty hides dark undercurrents of patriarchy, with its discrimination, marginalization, and social injustice. My second film focuses on the vulnerable position of a rural young woman chained by the consequences fate who is in search of her missing husband. This story is about love, marriage, and sacrifice where a girl faces multi layered complexities and struggles for her identity and a safe home - all the struggles that the Nepali women go through for a better life and to fight against a patriarchal society.


Producer‘s Note

As a storyteller, Min is interested in depicting the displacement of those left behind by the ramifications of civil war and the dawn of rapid modernization. Particularly of young people and the fragile lives of those living in the rural subcultures of his country with traditions and superstitions that belong to the old world. His films contemplate on the philosophical condition of the Nepali countryside and are composed of social reflections of the grassroots mixed with the dreaming of the individual. Using a poetic approach, he tackles important issues faced by Nepal’s minority communities living on the fringes of the twenty-first century. Moreover, Min’s style and motivations are very much informed by his background. Having studied Literature, Filmmaking, Buddhist Philosophy and Political Science, he depicts with visual simplicity and lyricism, life in the rural landscape that relates to the spirituality of the people and the land. It is clear that the Nepali identity and culture influence his art.


Production Company Profile

Based in Nepal, Shooney Films has produced several films including The Flute by Min Bahadur Bham (Venice IFF 2012), The Black Hen by Min Bahadur Bham (Fedeora Award, Venice Critics Week 2015), Year of the Birdby Shenang Gyamjo Tamang (Busan IFF 2016), A Curious Girl by Rajesh Prasad Khatri (Grand Prix, Berlinale Generation KPlus 2018). We are also developing Season of Dragonflies by Abinash Bikram Shah (CNC Prize, Locarno Open Doors Hub 2016).


Selected Filmography

A Curious Girl by Rajesj Prasad Khatri (Fiction, 14’, 2018)

The Black Hen by Min Bahadur Bham (Fiction, 90’, 2015)

The Flute by Min Bahadur Bham (Fiction, 15’, 2012)





Min Bahadur Bham

Based on

Original Screenplay

Shooting format


Shooting location

High Himalayan Range of Nepal

Shooting start date


Expected completion date


Production status

Writing / Development


500'000 EUR

Financing in place

95'000 EUR

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