Three brand new movie theaters, that will be right at the heart of the Festival’s new headquarters. Located just a short walk from Piazza Grande, the long-awaited Palazzo del Cinema, now officially known as PalaCinema Locarno, has opened its doors for the first time to mark the 70th anniversary of the Locarno Film Festival, in 2017. 

Every year, during the Festival, the PalaCinema, a regional project managed by PalaCinema Locarno SA and property of the City of Locarno, will be the venue for the Cineasti del presente Competition sidebar as well as hosting special screenings.

The PalaCinema is equipped with CinemaConnect Audio System by Sennheiser.

Total Seating Capacity: 900

Room 1 – Seating Capacity: 472

Room 2 – Seating Capacity: 129

Room 3 – Seating Capacity: 129 


Via Dottor Giovanni Varesi 1
6600 Locarno

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