by Rolando Benedick, President and founder of the Leopard Club

Dear friends of the cinema,   

To meet you again at the big screen in Piazza Grande after a period of such great difficulty will be a tremendous pleasure.   

A time like this has made the work of the Locarno Film Festival even more essential, because the entire film industry has found itself at a standstill that has threatened its survival. In 2020, the Festival therefore decided to turn a year of challenges into an opportunity to offer the industry a lifeline, through the solidarity initiatives that have consolidated its national and international position. At the same time, the Festival designed its strategy for the future, deciding to supplement the main summer event with ever more initiatives, both online and participative, to bring in an even wider audience and capture the interest of new generations throughout the whole year.   

The 74th edition of the Locarno Film Festival is therefore especially important to us all, because the Festival will reignite Piazza Grande and audiences will once again be able to partake in a cultural experience, as they did before the pandemic.   

On behalf of the Leopard Club, the Festival’s official supporting association – established to support the Festival and offer its dearest friends the opportunity to show their special connection with the event – I wish for this edition to bring you all the joy of the finest Festival evenings, and the satisfaction of participating in and contributing to the revival of Swiss cultural life.  

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