Valentina Osorio

(Storyboard Media, Chile)

Valentina Osorio



Valentina Osorio, a Film producer, joined Storyboard Media in 2016, a production company that focuses its activities in 3 fields in an integral way: Cultural Management, Cinematographic Distribution and Film Production.

She started as a production assistant at SANFIC12, Santiago International Film Festival, to continue with the general production of the festival during the following two editions: SANFIC13 and SANFIC14. She has also been part of the production teams of projects such as "Adriana’s Pact" directed by Lissette Orozco, and "El Mandato", a feature film that will be directed by Benjamín Ávila, among others.

Currently coordinates the film distribution area of the production company, which already has more than 15 titles exhibited throughout the country since 2016, and that within its national premiere 2018 calendar includes "The Desert Bride" by Valeria Pivato and Cecilia Atan, "Oblivion Verses" by Alireza Khatami, and "Dry Martina" by Che Sandoval.

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