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Tanja Weibel – Solothurn Film Festival, Switzerland

Tanja Weibel – Solothurn Film Festival, Switzerland


My name is Tanja and I’m from Switzerland. First, I love cinema; which is why I’ve decided to study at the University of Zurich. At the same time, I worked on smaller film productions and volunteered for several film festivals. My Bachelor’s degree was followed by a six-month internship in film logistics at Solothurn Film Festival. Afterwards, I had the unique opportunity to work for the Festival de Cannes (1 month) and the Industry initiative «Alliance for Development» of the Locarno Festival (3 months), which gave me a completely different insight into the organization of a film festival. Since September 2017, I am employed at Solothurn Festival, being responsible for guest management and accreditations as well as managing a project called “Cinetour”. Apart from going to the movies, I spend my free time with friends, travelling and doing gymnastics.

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