The 2017 Locarno Festival Team


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    President’s Office
Marco Solari   President
    Executive Office
Raphaël Brunschwig   Chief Operating Officer
Mattia Storni  

Deputy Chief Operating Officer

    Artistic Direction and Programming

Lili Hinstin

  Artistic Director

Nadia Dresti

  Deputy Artistic Director
Head of Locarno Pro
    Programming Office
Victoria Manconi   Head of Programming Office
Nadja Tennstedt   Coordinator
    Pardi di domani
Giacomo Hug   Head of Pardi di domani Programming Office
Luna Scolari   Assistant
Roberto Turigliatto   Curator
Iria López Fuenteseca   Coordinator
    Open Doors Committee
Deepti DCunha    
Gilles Duval    
Delphine Jeanneret    
Paul Miller    
Delly Shirazi    
    Consultants / Correspondents
Frank Braun   Consultant on Swiss films
Beki Probst   Consultant to the Artistic Direction
Martin Marquet   Consultant Special Events
Paolo Bertolin   Consultant Open Doors
Boris Nelepo   Correspondent
Maria Ruggieri   Correspondent
Pierre Tunesi   Head of Finances
Manuela Renggli   Assistant
Michael Mros   Head of Human Resources
Iria Togni   Head of Theatres Staff
Pia Ferrari   Head of Secretariat
Francesca Nauer   Assistant
Martina Orlandi   Intern
    Locarno Pro
Nadia Dresti   Deputy Artistic Director
    Head of Locarno Pro
Sophie Bourdon   Deputy Head of Locarno Pro
    Head of Open Doors
Sarah Schiesser   Locarno Pro Manager
    Deputy Head of Open Doors
Daria Voumard   Locarno Pro Coordinator
Markus Duffner   First Look & Match Me! Project Manager
Marcello Paolillo   StepIn Project Manager
Thibaut Bracq   Alliance for Development Project Manager
Marion Klotz   Industry Academy International Project Manager
Hayet Benkara   Lab Head of Studies
    Communication Office
Giada Peter  

Communication Office Coordinator

Gaia Mathieu   Digital Communication Coordinator
Fabienne Merlet   Communication Office Assistant
    Press agents
Richard Lormand   International Press Agent
Frauke Greiner   Germany and Austria
Chloé Lorenzi   France
Ursula Pfander   German and French-speaking Switzerland
Patrizia Wachter   Italy
    Press conferences
Catherine Bizern   Moderator
Lorenzo Esposito   Moderator
Sergio Fant   Moderator
Aurélie Godet   Moderator
Giona A. Nazzaro   Moderator
Mark Peranson   Moderator
    Marketing and Sponsorship
Elisa Bazzi   Marketing Manager
Dimitri Bianchini   Graphic Designer
Camilla Liedtke   Sponsorship Coordinator
    Official catalogue
Daniela Persico   Head of Editorial Team
Sara Groisman   Coordinator
Lorenzo Buccella   Head of Editorial Team
    Documentation Office
Nora Bianchi   Head of Documentation Office
Chiara Valente   Coordinator
    Print Admission Unit
Cristina Caon    Head of Print Admission
Caterina Renzi   Head of Print Admission
Nathalie Solimano   Head of Hospitality
Nadia Agostino   Hospitality Coordinator 
Luana Bonini   Events and Catering Manager
    Transport coordination
Alessandro Bonalumi   Car Service Manager
Alan Lava   Car Service Manager
    Guest Management
Elisa Liani   Head of Guest Management
Lucius Barre   Protocol Officer
    Accreditation Office
Pia Ferrari   Head of Accreditation Office
    Logistics and Infrastructure
Alessandro Bonalumi   Head of Logistics and Infrastructure
Jan Zimmermann   Decoration Manager
Nicola Buffi   Construction Team Leader


  Piazza Grande and Cinemas’ Security
Daniele Haas   Chief Security Officer
Alan Lava   Deputy Chief Security Officer
    Image and Sound
Patricia Boillat   Head of Image and Sound
Elena Gugliuzza   Coordinator
    Information Technology
Malcolm Tunzi   Head of IT
Paola Guerra   IT Assistant
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