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Locarno celebrating Harrison Ford

Locarno celebrating Harrison Ford



More than characters, they are movie icons: from the space smuggler Han Solo in the first Star Wars trilogy to the replicant hunter Rick Deckard in Blade Runner, going through the successful sagas of Indiana Jones. Now the man who gave face and body to all those movie heroes of our time, Harrison Ford, is coming to Locarno not only to play the role of a new sheriff as the Colonel Dolarhyde in Cowboys & Aliens, but also to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Festival del film Locarno.

This award – announced last night – was not only a tribute that binds ideally all the interpretations of an actor that became a reference  model for many generations, but is also the admired celebration of an original collective imaginary movie piece in which we are grateful.

A few hours before the presentation. The appointment is then scheduled in front of the traditional stage at Piazza Grande, before the screening of Cowboys & Aliens. In good company, of course, considering that Mr. Ford will be present with Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde and the director of the movie Jon Favreau.

Lorenzo Buccella
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