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Serra vs Serra Auto-interview of the Pardo d’oro 2013

Serra vs Serra Auto-interview of the Pardo d’oro 2013


© Alessio Pizzicannella
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Albert, congratulations for the Pardo d'oro!  Tell me, when was the first time you came to Locarno?

Well Albert, believe me: it is a funny story that make me think to have really deserved this Prize. I was very young and I hitchhiked for one day in order to go to Locarno, then I catched a train. Why did I do that? Because I am a cinephile. I took a room (a very expensive room by the way) and I watched a movie in Piazza Grande: it was "Exotica", directed by Atom Egoyan. I congratulated him, but I don't remember the year. Then I ran out of money and I had to come back: train once again, hitchhiking on 7 AM near the place where I lived. A guy with a BMW 700 gave me a lift and I finally was at home.

I guess it was 1994. After almost 20 years, you are coming back to Piazza Grande to be awarded for Historia de la meva mort. What is the movie about?

It is a movie about the beauty of horror, but also about the horror of beauty. I guess it is a smart sentence to describe the movie, Albert, and I used it also in its introduction. I think it is a story about the unjustice of beauty, but also about the unjustice of beauty.

Well said. How did you cast Casanova?

Simply because Vincenç Altaió looks like Casanova! I just wanted a guy that like women and is characterized by... How can I say, "great amateur talents". Vincenç loves to show other people his qualities, he loves it. Probably, to humiliate them.

And what about your next film, what can you tell us on it?

My French producer wants me to shoot a film about war with many injured people on the screen, but I don't know: I am immature yet. But you know, when directors get a prize, their next movie is bigger, more ambitious and with more budget at its disposal. In this case, however, I would like to send a message to my oldest fans: don't worry, my next project will be smaller, crazier, more radical and less people will watch it!

My last question, Albert: which place has God in your conception of cinema?

When I shoot a movie I am used to reject any kind of communication: I don't talk with actors and technicians, then God is everywhere, His presence is total. Everything comes up on the set is because of Him, not because of me. I am doing nothing, I just let Him work. Tranquil. I let Him work tranquil.

Albert Serra
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