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Quotes “L’Abri”

Quotes “L’Abri”


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Fernand Melgar, director
“Every film appeals the other, in this way, without actually wanting to, we made a trilogy, first with the La Forteresse, then with Vol spécial and now L’Abri – it might come also the fourth... It’s rather the subject that chooses us.”

“I address the cinema that I represent - about guilty conscience - to the citizens of my country. I ask questions to those citizens who have decided to close the doors of Switzerland.”

“My friends don’t believe in me when I talk about ghosts walking in the night in our cities – I am like St. Thomas who needs to shoot in order to believe it!”

“I like to recall an anecdote: a little girl living in the shelter complained to her father about the dry bread – “It’s the bread of the shelter” he tells her. A politician claimed that he would have ensured the refugees fresh bread.”

“A principle of mine lies on the preamble of the Swiss constitution: the strength of a people is measured by the well-being of its weakest members.”

Cristian Gomez Bolliger
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