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Learning the Magic of Cinema

Learning the Magic of Cinema



Cinema is magic, but also magic needs years of study and training. And we are not only talking about directors and actors: cinema mainly needs good images, and those can be given as well by photographers, graphic artists, fashion and visual designers. If you're looking for a school where you can learn all these disciplines in an innovative and multimedia environment, the F+F Schule für Kunst und Design in Zurich is the right place for you.

It is enough to take a look at the program overview to understand why this academy can represent a turning point in the life of future movie professionals: starting in mid August, the five curricula are 3 years long and permit to obtain a professional college degree. The six-semester Film programme, in particular, offers students an opportunity to acquire professional skills that put them in a position to work successfully in the area of non-fiction movies, as well as in the documentary genre and essay film field.

For people who want to spend a few days experimenting the quality of this professional educational venue for art and design founded in 1971, every year the F+F offers some Summer-Workshops: short periods of intense artistic exploration under the direction of international working artists and designers.

Mattia Bertoldi
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