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Land Ho!

Land Ho!



Aaron Katz (director)
When you are 60 or 70 years old, you face a new stage of your life that could strongly influence all your daily habits: work and family, for example. I think it is a particular moment, when one feels the need to find something new in life.

I had never been to Iceland before shooting; I guess it was the right approach for this kind of movie, because the characters – according to the plot – don't know anything about the country.

One of the most difficult scenes to shoot was the diner one, which lasts 12 minutes and took two days of work. It was hard.

Martha Stephens (director)
I and Aaron know each other for 12 years, we have always had a kind of close relationship. On the set, there was no division of duties: it was just organic. We started talking about the movie three months before shooting, then we went to Iceland on September-October 2013 to shoot the movie. It was a very easy going experience.

Mattia Bertoldi
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