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A Wall Made of Stars


The Festival del film Locarno is celebrating its 67° edition with the introduction of the Wall of Fame, a series of plates signed by the guests which will preserve the memory of their passage. Launched this year by PardoLive, it is result of an idea of the Ticinese director Niccolò Castelli who two years ago took part to the Concorso Cineasti del presente with Tutti Giù and is currently responsible of the Locarno67 WebTV.
“It was fundamental to introduce something that could last” he claims. “PardoLive's multimedial approach to the Festival is massive, then I knew that we needed something more material. I was going to Locarno by train and I thought about one of the last Roger Federer's matches in Wimbledon, where the players are used to sign the cameras after playing. It was a good idea”.

Everything went very quickly: Castelli went to Plastiplex offices and spent a whole afternoon discussing about materials, colours and focal distances. “Shooting the moment in which the Festival guests sign their plate is crucial: I wanted to capture all their reactions to a gesture which is pretty widespread in the world of sports, but not at the movie festivals. Sometimes directors have to sign posters or memorial objects, but plates in the front of a camera represent surely something new”.
The Wall of Fame is already visible on the red carpet, ready for selfies and photographs. Because the world is full of walls made of bricks or stones, steel or glass. But only Locarno has a wall made of stars.

Mattia Bertoldi
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