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Interview with Ahmad Kiarostami

Histoire(s) du cinéma: Abbas Kiarostami

Ahmad Kiarostami


© Sabine Cattaneo


What would you say tonight in Piazza Grande about your father, Abbas Kiarostami?

Actually I didn’t know I had to make a speech, so I prepared something last minute. Nothing about my father’s movies, there are so many more competent professionals here allowed to talk about that. I will rather tell some personal stories regarding my father and me and our family.


Abbas Kiarostami left a great legacy to Iran, to the world and to your family. Are you proud of him?

It would be impossible not to. He has left a lot and not only his movies, but even writings, poetry, photos, installations. Actually he was not the most organized person, so we are trying to make order. Among these things there are also two photo collections and one movie that we hope to release next year and I can tell you that it is quite amazing.


Then you’re thinking about an archive of your father’s works?

Yes, we are in the process of starting a foundation to preserve his works and we are talking to MK2, the production company that owns most of my father’s movies, in order to reunite his whole works. We are also trying to recreate the lost art installations, like for example the Forest Without Leaves that was exhibited in London, at the Centre George Pompidou in Paris and some other places. We are talking with a couple of big organizations in California to have these pieces installed permanently.


Are you also thinking about the preservation of his movies?

Yes, most of all we want his movies to be more available, there are some of them, like Zire darakhatan zeyton (Under the Olive Tree) for example, that are impossible to find online or on dvd. Then we are thinking about the restoration of his whole opera, even the short films he made for children at the beginning of his career. There’s one, for example, Rangha (Colours), I showed it to my daughter that is six years old and she asked me «Dad, where are the colours?», because it’s completely grey. So, we hope to give back colours to his legacy.


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