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Looking for New Talents



In the last twelve months about 2500 shorts and medium-length films were submitted to the Pardi di domani section, but only 38 were selected: 27 in the International Competition and 11 in the one limited to recent Swiss productions. But what needs a film to transmit to the audience to be chosen? "It is not easy to answer" Gonzalo de Pedro, one of the programmers of the section, said, "but in general we are looking for filmmakers who are taking risks, avoiding the most common paths. We want to discover new and different voices, according to the spirit of Locarno Festival: in fact, we are closely working with the Artistic Director Carlo Chatrian and our objective is also to find a balance between countries, genres and experimentation. This year, for example, we are happy to present two Cuban works – Armageddon 2 and Los perros de Amundsen".

Pardi di domani is subdivided in two different competitions, but can the point of view of a programmer change according to where the film comes from? "There is only one committee which selects the works for both competitions" de Pedro remembers, "and obviously we are receiving a shorter number of films from Swiss filmmakers, but I can say that our point of view is the same. In our country we can also work closer with film schools, trying to support them as well as their students".

The National Competition includes also two films from two young filmmakers from Ticino: Tommaso Donati’s A Song from the Future and Roman Hüben’s Villa Ventura. The goal of the section, indeed, is to foresee the talents of tomorrow. "It would certainly make us proud and happy to see that someone we are trying to support from the very beginning is able to find his or her way, shooting a feature film and maybe come back to Locarno. It already happened, we hope it will happen again, also with the help of important directors: for example Claude Barras, director of Ma Vie de Courgette and producer of La Femme canon, directed by Albertine Zullo and David Toutevoix, competing in our National Competition. And it is then nice to welcome back who already was awarded with the Pardino d’oro – the Maltese/Australian director Pia Borg, for example, who is competing this year with Silica, not to mention the Greek director Loukianos Moshonas with Jeunes Hommes à la fenêtre".

But there is also a stereotype to fight: there is still who thinks that short films are for beginners – easy stuff – while long feature films are for the more experienced directors. "To me, it does not make sense" Gonzalo de Pedro concludes, "I think cinema can be easy or difficult, but not depending on the length of the work. A movie should last the time it needs to express its potential and there are several filmmakers who are spending years and years trying to achieve perfection. Claiming that it is like saying that writing short stories is easier than writing novels, but one cannot compare them: it implies different techniques, involves a different rhythm and requires different talents."

Talking with the Future

The Pardi di domani section organises a public rendez-vous with the directors and the delegations of the films in competition, from Thursday 3 to Thursday 10 August, at 5 p.m. at the Locarno Talks Bar la Mobiliare – Spazio Cinema (Forum). Following the daily screenings, the directors will present their work giving the opportunity to professionals and Locarno’s audience to meet and exchange ideas in an informal context.

Mattia Bertoldi
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