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Rediscovering Swiss Cinema

Rediscovering Swiss Cinema


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Every year the Locarno Festival showcases restored Swiss films in the sidebar known as Cinéma suisse redécouvert, thanks to the initiative of the Cinémathèque suisse and Memoriav. This year, the focus is on Zurich-born filmmaker Hans-Ulrich Schlumpf, whose documentaries, including Der Kongress der Pinguine (1993), are being restored and digitilized for an upcoming DVD box set. The Cinémathèque suisse and Memoriav were in charge of the restoration of Kleine Freiheit (1978), a distillation of Swiss life (exemplified here by gardening and train tracks) and a meditation on integrity through the eyes of the people known as Familiengärtner. Schlumpf and his cameraman, Pio Corradi, supervised the restoration that was carried out at the Cinegrell laboratory in Zurich. Additionally, the Cinémathèque suisse will present another restored film in the Locarno70 sidebar: Villi Hermann’s San Gottardo (1977), two parallel tales about the birth of the world-famous tunnel, mixing fiction with documentary.


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