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Cine+ Special Award: Milla

Concorso Cineasti del presente

Cine+ Special Award: Milla


Valerie Massadian is very well known and appreciated in Locarno. Nana won as best first feature film in 2011 and it’s such a pleasure to have her back this year with the much appreciated Milla. Premio speciale della giuria Cine+ Cineasti del presente for best director assigned by the jury of Cineasti del presente for her second long length movie confirms the talent of this franco-armenian visual artist, who shows her works all over the world from Japan to the United States.

Milla is 17, she’s in love with Leo, just a few years older. They escape together finding shelter in a little town in Normandy, starting their future together. But life can be hard and Milla will discover it in the most painful way.

Massadian tells this story through a refined atmosphere and almost without dialogue, following this young girl facing her growing process day after day, discovering her strength during the natural process of becoming a woman.

Severine Jonckeere is a wonderful Milla, she mesmerizes the audience with her gaze and her smooth moves, and she spreads her feelings with tenderness and strength at the same time.

It’s not by chance that Milla also won the Eurimages' Audentia Award that celebrates those women that with their brave and difficult choices inspire other women to fulfil their dreams and ambitions and eventually reach their goals. Just like Valerie Massadian. Just like the many Millas that struggle every day for their rights and happiness.

Alessandro De Simone
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