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"Piazza Grande Will Be A Unique Experience"

"Piazza Grande Will Be A Unique Experience"



Laissez bronzer les cadavres is set on an island, according to the novel it was inspired from (written by Jean-Patrick Manchette in 1971). How was it inspiring to work in such a context?

Bruno Forzani: What stunned us about the filming place was that we had on the one hand wide blue horizons and on the other hand a mountain as background.

Hélène Cattet: These two surroundings gave us the opportunity to work in a close context, but also in a wide open environment. Then, to have two ways to represent our characters.


One movie, two directors: in the press conference you defined yourselves as the yin and the yang. But how are you dividing the tasks between you two?

HC: Since we have always different opinions, we have to do everything together – otherwise there will be one of us who is going to be frustrated. It means that everything takes much more time, we discuss and in the end we agree on the path to follow. This is only the way to make it work.


Why did you decide to have an artist as main character?

BF: In the novel, the artist plays a secondary role – we decided to put him in the front, giving him a central position, because he gave us the chance to put the movie in an artistic, dreamlike dimension. We wanted then to achieve not a literal but a universal meaning, offering another point of view on the story.


The movie is full of references to other movies: Sergio Leone's works, Andrea Bianchi's Quelli che contano (1971) and Neorealism, as you stated today. Many classics, we can say. But is there something you discovered along the production?

HC: When we decided to make this movie we went in depth, and we made also researches about land art. This inspired us about cinematography and the use of lights during shooting.


Four years after having presented L'Étrange Couleur des larmes de ton corps in the Concorso internazionale, you came back to screen your work in the Piazza Grande. How do you feel?

HC: I hope to not be too nervous! We have never watched a movie in the Piazza Grande...

BF: ... we saw many pictures, of course, but we never have. When we are directing, we are always imagining our movies on a big screen because for us cinema is a live experience, to feel all together. And in front of 8,000 people, of course it will be something live and we are really expecting something...

HC: Unique!

BF: Unique, that's right. And we hope the audience will appreciate it.

Mattia Bertoldi
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