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And God Created Women

Die göttliche Ordnung (The Divine Order) – Panorama Suisse

And God Created Women



1971: Nora, a young housewife living in a small Swiss-German village with her husband and two children, causes a stir when she becomes embroiled in the movement for women’s voting rights nationwide, rebelling against a local community that was largely unaffected by the events of May 1968. Die göttliche Ordnung (The Divine Order) fictionalizes real events and recounts a fairly recent chapter of Swiss history at a time when society as a whole appears to be less progressive on an international level. Managing a riveting ensemble cast led by Marie Leuenberger, Aargau-born director Petra Volpe revisits the past to muse on current gender relations, delivering a film that is both an entertaining history lesson and perhaps a poignant cautionary tale. Her approach has already reaped rewards both at home (Prix de Soleure 2017, Swiss Film Prize for Best Screenplay, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress) and abroad (three prizes at the Tribeca Festival, including the Audience Award), with more to come: ahead of the Locarno Festival screening in the Panorama Suisse sidebar, it was announced that Die göttliche Ordnung will represent Switzerland in the upcoming Oscar race. In a summer dominated at the box office by a certain female superhero, it looks like other nations also have their own Wonder Woman.


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