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Instruction for myFestival

MyFestival is a new service provided by Locarno Festival that allows you to access various services through the online platform. 

Through that login you can also access press area of our website, where you can find the list of press agents, press screenings and press conferences, as well as material (press kits, trailers, images) for the films in the official selection. You can also find the access to myDigitalLibrary.

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Tonight on the Red Carpet

Delegation of COCOTE, by Nelson Carlos De Los Santos Arias
Delegation of SASHISHI DEDA, by Ana Urushadze
Nastassja Kinski, Guest of honor
Delegation of LAISSEZ BRONZER LES CADAVRES, by Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani
Delegation of DREI ZINNEN, by Jan Zabeil
Adrien Brody, Leopard Club Award
Leopard Club Sponsor

Access to the Media Line is only possible with TV + PHOTO pass. Photographers will receive the pass automatically with their accreditation, which is available at the Press Office Palazzo Sopracenerina. 


Piazza Grande Events, 5 August

SPARRING, by Samuel Jouy
GOOD TIME, by Josh Safdie, Benny Safdie
Excellence Award Moët & Chandon to Mathieu Kassovitz


Special Events/Conversations with guests

5 August, 10.30, SpazioCinema (FORUM)
Conversation with Adrien Brody
Hosted by Carlo Chatrian


Press Screenings (Teatro Kursaal and PalaCinema)

5 August, 9.00, Concorso Internazionale, Teatro Kursaal
GEMINI, by Aaron Katz

5 August, 14.00, Concorso Internazionale, Teatro Kursaal
MADAME HYDE, by Serge Bozon

5 August, 16.00, Concorso Cineasti del Presente, Teatro Kursaal
SEVERINA, by Felipe Hirsch

5 August, 18.00, Concorso Cineasti del Presente, Teatro Kursaal
3/4, by Ilian Metev

5 August, 21.30, Piazza Grande, PalaCinema

5 August, 23.30, Piazza Grande, PalaCinema


Press Conferences (Press Center, Largo Zorzi)

5 August, 11.00, Concorso Internazionale
WAJIB, by Annemarie Jacir

5 August, 11.30, Concorso Internazionale
GEMINI, by Aaron Katz

5 August, 12.00, Piazza Grande
SPARRING, by Samuel Jouy


Parallel Events
Press Conference Castellinaria, 5 August, 11.00, at Spazio RSI, Largo Zorzi


External Events
LAC, Focus India, from 24 settembre 2017 to 21 gennaio 2018


Activities to do in the Ascona Locarno Region

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