Margherita Chiti

Distributrice (Italia)


Teodora | Head of Acquisitions & TV Sales

Film Buyer with a long-standing experience both in distribution and production. After a Bachelor Degree in History of Cinema from Università degli Studi di Bologna, and 4 formative years in distribution at Mikado Film, Margherita Chiti joined Warner Bros Italy Production Team and then, in 2007, Nanni Moretti's Sacher Distribuzione as Head of Distribution. At the same time she worked as Productions Assistant for Luigi Musini’s and Roberto Cicutto’s production companies On My Own and Cinemaundici.

In 2012 Margherita joined Teodora Film Distribuzione as Head of Acquisitions and TV Sales. She recently became partner of the company and President of the Board.

For over 10 years she’s been working as an expert for the EU Creative Europe Agency in production, distribution, online and access to markets funding schemes.

Since April 2018 she’s the Co-Founder and Vice President of Women in Film, TV & Media Italia.

She’s also a Yoga instructor and a volunteer for Il Vaso di Pandora ONLUS, an association for victims of sexual, psychological and physical trauma.

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