Locarno Shorts Weeks 2021

Râang ton taan

Enduring Body

by Ukrit Sa-nguanhai
Thailand  ·  2019  ·  Color  ·  17'  ·  o.v. Thai/English

On Demand

06 - 13 | 02 | 2021

Stories that revolve around the serial death of teachers in a Thai countryside town, where an elementary school, a crocodile pond, cha-cha music and the afterlife become entangled.

Captivating succession of mysterious and everyday life scenes in different social contexts connected by health and care issues, Râang ton taan (Enduring Body) deals with survival and eternity in an age of artificial reproduction of the body. With humor, tenderness and political concern, Ukrit Sa-nguanhai plays with the limits of life and humanity. He blurs ordinary realism with a rich spectrum of supernatural interferences, challenging our senses and perceptions in a hypnotic way.


Locarno is ...

… one of the most beautiful towns I ever visited. I always compare the height of every mountain I saw with mountains in Locarno.

Ukrit Sa-nguanhai


Ukrit Sa-nguanhai

Tuntita Nititsopon, Parnupong Kamsan

Parnupong Kamsan

Ukrit Sa-nguanhai

Teerapong Thongthanee

Ukrit Sa-nguanhai

Khrueamas Films

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