General Information

1. General Information


Locarno 2020 – For the Future of Films is an initiative aiming to support arthouse filmmaking and movie theaters. Locarno 2020, which is scheduled for 5-15 August, consists of a wide array of activities and projects, with the purpose of offering special content to audiences and industry professionals, via various platforms. Although it can’t fully embrace its potential due to COVID-19, the Festival’s program does feature select physical screenings in Locarno’s movie theaters, in compliance with current safety, hygiene and distancing regulations.  

The Films After Tomorrow is the first project of Locarno 2020, as part of this special year for the Festival. It focuses on the support for independent filmmaking by investing part of the finances meant for the feature film awards and redirecting them towards productions that had to be put on hold because of the health crisis.

The project takes the shape of a competition, with ten international and ten Swiss productions, chosen by the artistic team. Two international juries, also selected by the artistic team, will then assess the twenty films and give out awards, including two Pardi 2020 worth CHF 70,000 each. It is a tangible, concrete acknowledgement, which will enable these films to reach their natural destination: movie theaters. The twenty films that are part of this section were announced on 25 June.

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The directors of the twenty films will introduce themselves and their projects to the audience on various online platforms from on 5-15 August 2020.

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Yes, Locarno 2020 – For the Future of Films will also include the Pardi di domani section. As always, the line-up will consist of a selection of Swiss and international short films made by up-and-coming filmmakers. The jury, which will be announced in July, will give out the four main Pardini and other awards.

What’s new is that this year the shorts in the program will be viewable for free, from 5-15 August, on the Festival’s screening room play.festivalscope.ch. Each short will be available for a maximum of 1,590 viewers, matching the amount of people who can attend the physical screenings in Locarno every year. There will also be theatrical showings of the shorts, with proper evening premieres and repeat screenings.

The health crisis pushed the Locarno Film Festival to reinvent its commitment in promoting independent filmmaking, and the shorts program can do that via digital technology and remote viewing. The short format can adapt to the web and benefit from online viewing.

Having discussed this with various industry players, including other major festivals that guaranteed they would consider the shorts screened in Locarno, the Festival chose an approach that prioritizes what is best for the films.

Our offices reopened on 1 July, with part of the Locarno Film Festival team still working remotely, in order to guarantee safe distances as decreed by the authorities. The entire team is reachable during opening hours (9 am - 12 pm and 2 pm - 6 pm), by phone and email.  

For general questions or information, contact us at +41 (0)91 756 21 21 or info@locarnofestival.ch.