Ascona-Locarno, Destination partner

A captivating natural setting for a unique year

While 2020 has proved to be an extraordinary year in many ways, there is no doubt that many lights have come on amid the darkness. Despite its struggles, 2020 has stimulated ingenuity, creativity and innovation in exceptional ways. The 2020 edition of the Locarno Film Festival will also be extraordinary, an “image factory” that will inspire new ways and new worlds. For the first time in more than seventy years, the Locarno Film Festival will not be in its most classic attire, but the fact that it has found a new outfit shows how the professionals of our region are always ready to take on new and demanding challenges. Creating unprecedented and unexpected things, such as a predominantly digital festival that will also bring us back to the cinemas, with the opportunity to reach a new audience, and to strengthen ties with loyal festival-goers.

Oddly, in its role as “Destination partner”, the circumstances offer Ascona-Locarno the opportunity to reflect the uniqueness represented by Locarno 2020 – For the Future of Films. The fruitful partnership between Ascona-Locarno and the Locarno Film Festival continues to grow from year to year thanks to successes like those of its social media campaign #LocarnoExperience, Ask Me Team for welcoming guests, and the Locarno Kids project. This year will be enriched by an incredible emotional experience, committed more than ever to making your stay in the region a unique experience during this extraordinary year. The enforced distance of recent months – from others, from leisure activities, from our favourite places – has shown us the importance of physical presence, be it that of a movie theatre or a lake surrounded by mountains. It has forced us to reconnect with ourselves and has helped us rediscover the need we have for nature, for rainbows after summer storms, family trips and runs in the woods.

The velvet mountains, the rivers that cut through gneiss cliffs, the towns of colourful houses overlooking the lake and the human warmth of Ascona-Locarno have always made this region the ideal backdrop for the Locarno Film Festival, in spirit and in deeds. Locarno 2020 is the perfect way into the region, an invitation to explore a captivating setting that showcases the gifts nature has bestowed upon it: a landscape with a strong character, lulled by a mild climate and a sense of comfort and safety that is typically Swiss. Between fairy-tale panoramas and mountains that plunge directly into the lake, this year more than ever Ascona-Locarno is the ideal place to relax, regenerate, spend time with the family, take part in some sport and enjoy the Dolce Vita by the lake.