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The sertão baiano, the Backlands, an arid region in Brazil where plants became warriors to survive, raindrops sizzle when falling on the ground and the dead mummify! The local community has adopted postures and a culture determined by the territory’s laws of physics.

We are in Canudos small settlement, in the 19th century. The Backlanders, lead by prophet Antônio Conselheiro, are surrounded by thousands of soldiers from the young Brazilian republic. The military aims to capture the religious leader and dissolve the community, hostile to the regime. War has lingered on for months, soldiers didn’t expect such resilience nor such inhospitable territory. They suffer; starve and adopt their enemy’s habits to survive. But when reinforcements and supplies arrive, time has come for an assault on the rebel’s stronghold!

Savagery is a free adaptation of Backlands, the Canudos Campaign, by Euclides da Cunha, an account of this obscure war in Bahia, 1897.

The production


O Som e a Fúria is the breeding ground of the so-called “generation shorts”. The company has been producing cinema since 1998, committed to the development of the individual universes of our filmmakers, which are and have been the backbone of this production company. They have been able to internationalize their work through their regular presence in the most prestigious Film Festivals, the recognition of more than 30 awards, film premieres all over the world, and several co-productions with European, South American, Chinese and Macanese partners.


Shellac Sud was set up in 2006. Its films highlight the rich diversity of cinema. In a world where cinema is constantly reinventing its style, Shellac Sud focus on substance.


RT Features’ strong belief in the invincible power of stories has, since 2005, leading them to transform dreams into images that endure in the memories and hearts of viewers around the world.




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