France, Germany, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina

The production


Luxbox is a Paris-based company, dedicated to international sales and co-production of a small but passionate group of world cinema directors such as Lisandro Alonso, Bruno Dumont, Benjamin Naishtat, Mohammed Ben Attia or Marcell Martinessi to name few.


4L is Lisandro Alonso’s production company, launched in Buenos Aires in 2004. He produced his last four films as well as Constanza Novick debut feature El Futuro Que Viene in 2017. 4L is the production arm of one of the most accredited voices of Latin American cinema.


Komplizen Film focuses on the development of feature films, high-end series and international co-productions. We work with filmmakers known for their distinctive style and believe in telling local stories for an international audience.


Rosa Filmes, based in Lisbon, is a platform for filmmakers who confront different walks of life to generate new forms of cinema.


Woo Films is a Mexican company, and has produced twelve feature films which have been screened at different festivals around the world. Woo Films has been placed in the top 10 of the national box office for five consecutive years (from 2013 to 2016). For TV it has produced the Netflix series The House of Flowers (2018).




Lisandro Alonso


Fiorella Moretti, Hédi Zardi

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