Petite Solange

(Little Solange)

The Films After Tomorrow: International


Solange is 13 years old. She’s a very young, typical teenager of today. She’s full of life and very curious about the future. There’s something very special about her. She’s excessively sensitive and adores her parents. One day, her parents argue, get angry and start to draw apart discord raises its ugly head. As the shadow of divorce draws closer, Solange sees cracks appear in her world. So she will worry, react, suffer, and, in a nutshell, keep believing. This is the story of a young teenager who is too soft-hearted and who would like the impossible: for love never to end.

The production


Aurora Films, based in Paris, has specialized in co-productions and has produced about 50 films (shorts, documentaries and feature films). Out of the seven feature films produced, five were selected in Cannes. Recent films produced include Diamond Island (2016) by Davy Chou, SACD Award at the Cannes Critic’s Week in 2016, Heaven Sent (2016) by Wissam Charaf for the ACID programmes in Cannes as well as If it Were Love (2020) by Patric Chiha, Teddy award for Best Documentary in Berlin. Aurora Films has just shot the new film by Axelle Ropert Little Solange, and is developing new projects by Patric Chiha, Davy Chou and Wissam Charaf.




Axelle Ropert


Charlotte Vincent

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Axelle Ropert presents Petite Solange

Axelle Ropert presents Petite Solange