A Journey in the Festival’s History

France  ·  2018  ·  DCP 4K  ·  Color  ·  105'  ·  o.v. Yiddish

Chosen by Elie Grappe.
This film features scenes that could shock the sensitivity of some viewers.
On Demand

5-15 | 8 | 2020  ·  Sub. English

Disponibile in Svizzera – Available in Switzerland

On Demand

5-15 | 8 | 2020

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Friday 14 | 8 | 2020, 21:30  ·  PalaCinema Sala 1  ·  Sub. French


Saturday 15 | 8 | 2020, 10:30  ·  PalaVideo  ·  Sub. French

Suburbs of Tel Aviv. Bnei Brak, world capital of the Haredim, the ultra-Orthodox Jews. As a boy Menahem Lang was admired for his kindness, for his dedication to the Talmudic school, but above all for his angelic voice, which made him a well-known performer of liturgical chants. But he hid a secret: the sexual abuse he suffered for years at the hands of members of the community that worshipped him. After ten years, Menahem returns to the scene of the crime. It is also a return to beloved places, an initiatory path sprinkled with incredible encounters and recovered rituals. A reconciliation. Special Jury Prize at Locarno71.

Selected by Elie Grappe
Director of Olga

Passing through the list of the selected movies in Locarno Festival since 1946, my eyes stopped on Yolande Zauberman’s M. That one letter was enough to wake up my stupor as a spectator in Fevi hall, in 2018. Enough also to bring me back to this dark beach of Tel Aviv: Menahem is facing us, shirtless. Singing with a powerful voice. Then he tells, he tells us about the rapes he endured as a child, being part of an ultra-orthodox community. Menahem is so close, he almost get out of focus, but the frame stands his gaze. He sings again; a magnificent liturgy which carries its suffering and its survival. Menahem drives us to Bnei Brak, the town of his abused childhood, where he’s coming back for the first time for ten years. He came to dissect the taboo. Other voices open up, following his own, in a prodigious succession of sequences. Whereas the night seems to never come to an end, the smile and the song of Menahem irradiate everything. Yolande Zauberman’s documentary is “a vampire movie”, a tale, a deeply heroic journey. Made of questions and paradoxes, it continues to nourish my imagination and my desire of cinema.

– Elie Grappe




Yolande Zauberman


Charles Gillibert


Fabrice Bigio, Yolande Zauberman


Sélim Nassib


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