Young Swiss Cinema: In conversation with Elie Grappe

Malika Brigadoi (Cinema e Gioventù), Indra Crittin (Cinema e Gioventù), Félicien Lovis (Cinema e Gioventù)  ·  Moderated by Stefano Knuchel (Head of Locarno Filmmakers Academy)  ·  46'

Switzerland is a wellspring of young talent and cinema that is vigorous and vibrant. This panorama includes two alumni of the Filmmakers Academy: Cyril Schäublin and Elie Grappe, from the first and the 2019 edition, respectively. This year they are both part of the Locarno 2020 program. These encounters will give us insight into their cinematic roots and their paths as emerging talents.
As their work speaks to the new generation, we have decided to put them in dialogue with the initiative of the Locarno Film Festival that is both the oldest, having begun in the 1960s, and the most youthful, as it involves young Swiss and Italian students. Cinema e Gioventù: six former participants who are passionate about cinema will be able to engage with the filmmakers, totally in tune with the logic of the Locarno Film Festival.


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05 | 08 | 2020

Young Swiss Cinema: In conversation with Elie Grappe