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New postage stamp for Locarno70

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A special postage stamp to honour the Locarno Festival’s 70th anniversary was presented at a press conference in Locarno today by Swiss Post Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors Adriano P. Vassalli, together with Festival President Marco Solari. The issue of the special stamp will further consolidate the close ties that have developed between the two institutions over the past sixteen years.

As Adriano P. Vassalli, Vice-Chairman of Swiss Post, underscored during the press conference, “A stamp is not just a receipt for a fee paid, or confirmation of a contract to deliver a letter, it’s much more than that – it’s a miniature work of art, one of the smallest of all artworks. Stamps are a reflection of our society, commemorating historical moments, cultural events, and important discoveries in the fields of technology, medicine and archaeology, celebrating the wonders of nature or paying tribute to persons of special merit. This is an opportunity to further consolidate the close ties which have grown between Swiss Post and the Locarno Festival over the past sixteen years, which is why we decided to issue a special stamp to mark the Festival’s 70th anniversary.”

The commemorative issue is a major honour, acknowledged Locarno Festival President Marco Solari: “I’m grateful to Swiss Post’s Board of Directors for this unexpected birthday gift for the Festival, an event which despite its 70 years of history still looks to the future with the grit and determination of its animal symbol, the leopard.”

Designing the special stamp meant expressing all that creative energy in just 7 square centimetres, a challenge taken up in a joint collaboration between Locarno Festival, Swiss Post and consultants Jannuzzi | Smith. As the design consultancy’s director Paolo Jannuzzi explained, “We set out to find the image that each one of us, from the oldest to the youngest, would want to see on letters and postcards to represent the soul of Locarno: a roaring leopard.

The new stamp, which can be reserved on-line from 31 March 2017 on, is due to be issued on 11 May 2017 and will be on sale at all post offices throughout Switzerland until 30 June 2018 or until stocks are exhausted. 

Guidelines for Stamp Images

The present graphical material is exclusively available to representatives of the media. The cost free use is only for their title and it is non-recurring. Further use of the graphical material (publicity and other commercial use) requires approval of Swiss Post as the holder of intellectual property rights.

Could you please observe upon illustration the generally valid conditions as follows: A colour reproduction of mint stamps has to be at least a third larger or smaller than the original. A reproduction on a material, which is clearly different from paper, or black and white reproductions are allowed full scale. The notation “© Swiss Post Ltd” has to be applied at a suitable place. 

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