(The Masseur)

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Philippines  ·  2005  ·  Color  ·  62'  ·  o.v. Tagalog/Pampango

Proposed in the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Filipino Cinema.
"Doing Masahista is a life changing experience because I did it in 2005 for the adventure and not as a filmmaker to express myself. The hazy quality of the film was the result of using mini DV and low end camera. The end product suits the quality of the film because it was shot like a docu drama that would eventually become my esthetics (cinema verite) in all of my films." Brillante Mendoza

Iliac is a twenty-year-old masseur in a massage parlor that caters to a gay clientele. In here, sex is an immediate result of massage. It is the night of 14 December, and Iliac’s first customer for the day is a homosexual romance novel writer. Outside the parlor, his current girl, a barmaid who works in Japan, asserts her sexual domination over him. Meanwhile, back home, his estranged father dies, and as he makes the trip to the province Iliac is confronted with the reality of decay, love, life and survival – all within the context of fulfilling his duty.




Brillante Mendoza


Coco Martin, Jaclyn Jose, Alan Paule, Katherine Luna

Executive producer

Fedelyn Geling, Ma. Lourdes Gnileg, Marissa Cua


Timmy Jimenez, Monchie Redoble


Nonoy Dadivas


Rudy Gonzales


Jerrold Tarog


Brillante Mendoza, Boots Agbayani Pastor


Gee Entertainment Productions

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