Priscila Santos

(Pandora, Brazil)

Priscila Santos



Priscila Santos holds a bachelor degree in Public Policy Management from the University of São Paulo (EACH-USP). She has been working in the audiovisual market for four years, with experience in the development of cultural diffusion projects and the creation of partnerships for independent film release. She's worked for three years at Museu da Imagem e do Som in São Paulo, in PONTOS MIS, a project focused on independent film circulation and audiovisual diffusion that establishes partnerships with more than 140 cities around the State of São Paulo. The project offers monthly a range of art-house films for exhibition as well as audiovisual workshops, aiming the democratization of access to cinema. Nowadays, Priscila works at Pandora Filmes, an independent Brazilian distribution company and she coordinates the National Releases and the marketing campaigns of the International film releases. She took part of the 2017 campaign of "The Salesman," Best Foreign Language Film Oscar Winner and "Lost in Paris", the most watched movie of the Varilux French Festival this year.

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