The Locarno International Film Festival was founded in 1946 as a non-profit Association under Art. 60 ff. of the Swiss Civil Code, with the declared intent of “organizing in Locarno a national and international cinema and audiovisual Festival and of fostering the dissemination of cinema and audiovisual culture at cantonal, national and international level, including outside the period of the Festival” (Articles of Association of the “Festival Internazionale del Film Locarno”, Art. 1).

The Organs of the Association are:

  • the General Assembly of Members
    made up of all members of the Association
  • the Board of Governors
    made up of 28 persons appointed for a term of three years by the Assembly of Members
  • the Executive Board
    made up of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and three members appointed by the Board of Governors
  • the independent Audit Department (trust company)
    designated by the General Assembly of Members


  Board of Governors
Marco Solari   President

Carla Speziali


Franco Ambrosetti


Daniel Beier


Manuele Bertoli


Felice Dafond


Karin Dietrich Wartmann


Felix Ehrat


Edna Epelbaum


Stefano Gilardi


Felix Hächler


Josefa Haas


Jean-Pierre Hoby


Federico Jolli


Pius Knüsel


Brenno Martignoni


Aldo Merlini


Giovanni Merlini


Roberta Pantani


Luigi Pedrazzini


Luca Pissoglio


Aldo Rampazzi


Giò Rezzonico


Alain Scherrer


Sven Wälti


Anita Wasser



  Executive Board
Marco Solari   President

Carla Speziali


Felix Ehrat


Federico Jolli

Alain Scherrer    


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