The Films After Tomorrow


The Locarno 2020 initiative to restart cinema: twenty feature-length projects to be completed, ten international and ten Swiss filmmakers, two special Pardi, and other awards. And, for the audience, a journey through the Festival’s history with films chosen by the selected directors.


Locarno 2020 is first and foremost the suspended films, which were interrupted by the safety measures imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence the creation of The Films After Tomorrow, a section devoted to filmmakers who, in the midst of their creative process, had to put a stop to ideas, crews, cameras and editing suites. Twenty such projects – ten international, ten Swiss – will compete for two Pardi 2020, worth 70,000 CHF each, as well as three new prizes: the Campari Award, Swatch Award and SRG SSR Award. These are all concrete awards, so that these films (all with a running time of at least 70 minutes, and intended for theatrical release) may eventually reach their natural destination: the audience.

The Locarno 2020 audience will discover further details about these projects between 5 and 15 August via in-depth features that will be published on this page. Although these films will be absent – they cannot be seen, as they will be completed after Locarno 2020 – viewers will get to journey through the history of the Festival thanks to twenty titles, both renowned and obscure, that left a mark on Locarno as well as the twenty selected directors.

The verdict of the two juries will be announced on 15 August.


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