Registration and Login

I cannot access to the restricted area MyFestival.

Please verify your email and password combination, be careful with keyboard typing (uppercase, lower case, special characters).

Use the registered email as username.

Empty cache, temporary files, and cookies from the web browser. This operation applies to both pc, mobile, tablet.

I forgot the password. What should I do?

Go to in the MyFestival area then click on  "Forgot Password" link. If the link you received by email does not work, please copy and paste it directly into the browser. Enter the registered email, check your e-mail inbox and enter the new password in the appropriate fields. If you have any further questions, problems please feel free to contact us at  We will be happy to help you.

I did not receive the email to reset my password.

Check that the email has not been blocked by the spam filter, in case of other active filters and redirection check the other folders of your email (spam, archive, other personal folders).

Verify the correct functioning of your mailbox (send / receive, internet connection).

Please try to reset again your password to receive a new email.

What can I do if I receive the password reset email but cannot access it anyway?

Links in emails have limited validity over time. Try again, requesting a new email in order to reset your password.

The email is unavailable when I try to reset my password.

If your email address is not recognized when you try to reset your password, you may have registered with a different address or typed incorrectly.

What should I do if I do not have a login yet?

Register through the MyFestival area, click on create a new account and enter your details.

Digital Library - Dashboard MyFestival

What is the MyFestival area and how does it work?

From this year there will be the new MyFestival feature through custom login, which will give you various informations and notifications to stay up to date during the Festival and you can create your own custom program. The accredited Industry and Press will have access to the Digital Library.

MyFestival is not only for the professional  but for all the audience at the Locarno Festival.

How does Digital Library work this year?

Through the MyFestival area you will be able to watch the Festival's films. The film will be online only and exclusively after the first sight in the Festival halls. Please be aware that you can only watch the movie once. The duration of the viewing will be 120% of the duration of the entire movie this will allow you to use the pause or to playback if you miss something. For further information, please contact us via the form or via email

Can I review the film a second time?

Only in special cases you will be able to request permission to review the movie a second time.

What to do in case of problems with video viewing?

To ensure the quality of video content, we use a buffering and adaptive streaming system that maximizes video quality depending on the speed of your internet connection. In the case of buffering problems (continuous interrupts) the possibilities are many.In the case of wireless connection, please change the position and try again or connect a PC using a wired connection. Close all programs that are connected and consume Internet bandwidth (mail, peer-to-peer programs, voip, ..)

Viewing a Digital Library film is limited to 1 viewing only in case of questions please contact us at our support email.

Video playback is provided by Flowplayer, web video software created in Adobe Flash technology.

The page is not showing correctly or is not available?

Check out the internet connection, reload the page. Change the browser and download at the latest available version to get the best experience. 

Why are some content on MyFestival available and others not?

Custom content depends on the type of Press or Industry login.

Why can not I download the pictures?

Check the download folder on your device if you change the destination of downloaded files.

Try downloading the image again If the download is blocked by the navigator, check the security settings for your navigator.

Reset or try another browser.


Wi-Fi access points at the Festival

Verify network name and password. In case of interruptions or slowdowns, please be patient and try again, wifi technology is very much dependent on interference and network congestion.


Technical Support

How can I contact technical support?

You can contact us by email at We will be happy to help you.

Application Locarno Pro

The app shows the message "service unavailable." What to do?

This message appears if your smartphone is unable to connect to the internet. Make sure you have an active data connection on your device.

What do the push notifications disable?

Select the "Settings" entry from the app menu and disable the "Push notifications" switch.

How do you change the user's app?

Select the "Settings" entry from the app menu, press "Logout" and then again on "Login".

Note: Only enabled users can consult the Industry Guide

The application crashes what to do?

If the app suddenly crash when you try to view media or something else, this may be due to memory problems on your phone. For example, if other apps are used in the background, they take up a lot of memory, causing the app to close . Try turning off and on again to reset the memory , delete data to make space on memory.

If the app continues to shut down suddenly report the problem via email. Make sure you provide us with as many details as possible (phone type, operating system, when sudden closure occurs).

Do I have problems downloading from Google Play (Android) or Apple Store?

If you encounter problems downloading the app, visit the help centers (Apple or Google) to find troubleshooting tips (error codes). We recommend you to clean the store's cache memory on your device.

Memory problems while using the app?

The more you use an app, the more space it occupies on your phone. If you want to manually reduce the amount of space occupied, free up memory, delete and reinstall the application.

First steps

If you encounter problems that are not covered in the FAQ, follow these steps for resolution. We recommend that you make sure you have the latest operating system version on your phone or tablet before performing these steps:

  • Restart your phone or tablet Check your network connection.
  • Try connecting to Wi-Fi or mobile network to see if the problem is caused by a wi-fi network or a weak mobile connection.
  • Uninstall and reinstall App
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