Prefestival – Lorello e Brunello by Jacopo Quadri

Thursday, March 28th


Italy · 2017 · 87' · v.o: Italian
8.30 PM · Free Entry 

The twins Lorello and Brunello Biondi live alone in the farm where they were born in the Pianetti di Sovana, in Maremma, a harsh and windy countryside. Work, without a day off, is a natural condition that is not called into question. Yet they are at a loss, so they can't do it: they have 400 sheep and 100 hectares of land, but milk is worth less and less and wheat is worse. They see the economy of the great winegrowers who now own the landed estates flourish around them, defeated a century ago by their grandparents.

Divided into four parts, from summer to spring, the film follows for a year the life of the Biondi twins and the neighbours of the farm - including Ultimina, who saw them born and accompanies them in their thousands of jobs – one day after the other, to milk and watch, with the threat of wolves who are repopulating the stains.

A screening of Cisa in collaboration with L'immagine e la parola, Locarno Film Festival


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