Workshop with Alice Rohrwacher

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  • 1 teacher, Alice Rohrwacher
  • 8 filmmakers under 35
  • 9 days (from 28 March to 5 April 2020)
  • 1 region, Ticino
  • 8 short films to be screened in Locarno73

Marking the invitation of Alice Rohrwacher as guest of honor at L’immagine e la parola (28–29 March 2020), Locarno will again host a film workshop: eight young filmmakers, chosen from applicants around the world, will each make a short film based on their reinterpretation of agricultural spaces in the region of Locarno.

Following on from the successful workshop held by Béla Tarr as part of L’immagine e la parola 2019, which culminated in the presentation of the anthology film Under the God at the 72nd edition of the Festival, Locarno renews its commitment to nurturing fresh talent with a nine-day workshop led by Alice Rohrwacher. Under the title I fiori – this is the title of the workshop, which is inspired by the words of the poet Mariangela Gualtieri "What are flowers? Don't you feel like a sort of victory in them? The strength of those who come back from another world and sing their vision" – the workshop will get under way during L’immagine e la parola itself, providing the framework for sessions involving eight filmmakers from around the world. The settings and atmospheres of Canton Ticino’s various landscapes will be the perfect backdrop for the outstanding guidance of Alice Rohrwacher, who has consistently made the balance between humans and nature into a pivotal focus of her work. In a year in which ecology has finally topped the political agenda at international level, the selected filmmakers will each conceive and develop a short film: aided by the inspiring variety of storied places in Locarno and the surrounding region, from the historic community of Monte Verità to more recent experiments in sustainable practices and organic farming, they will create a collective portrait of a context in which old and new co-exist, together with a very special bond with the land. The resulting eight short films will be shown at the 73rd edition of the Locarno Film Festival (5–15 August 2020). 

The green-themed workshop attests to the increasingly solid and proactive partnership between the various actors housed at the PalaCinema in Locarno: the film school CISA – Conservatorio Internazionale di Scienze Audiovisive, the Locarno Film Festival, the Ticino Film Commission; in coproduction with  broadcaster RSI.


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